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How Can Easy Translator Transform the Educational Setting?

Posted by XMC Inc on Mar 4, 2019 7:05:00 AM

Does your educational institution require translation services on a regular basis?

That’s not uncommon, as translation services are required to support a bilingual community and foreign-language departments.

Of course, it’s also a requirement that brings with it a number of new demands in terms of budgeting, scheduling translators, and more. This often makes it difficult for schools to support the kinds of regular translating that could otherwise help them better serve their students.

If your organization needs ongoing translation services, there’s good news. The Xerox Easy Translator app has made it easier than ever to translate documents on-demand without breaking your budget.

4 Reasons Every School Should Utilize the Xerox Easy Translator App

The Xerox app gallery continues growing by leaps and bounds, so it should come as no surprise that the company continues growing in popularity too, especially with those working in education.

In short, the Xerox Easy Translator app works much like a scanner, except that it can recognize the words from more than 35 foreign languages and then translate them into English.

For example, if one of you professors wanted to translate a document from Greek into English, all they would have to do is scan the physical pages, and the app would quickly handle the rest.

1. Simplifying Communication Between International Students and Schools

If your school hosts international exchange students who are still learning to master the English language, they’ll love that you’ve made their lives much easier with the Xerox Easy Translator app.

This can also be extremely helpful when communicating with faculty members from other schools who may not understand English well. Perhaps it’s because you’re hosting some of their students or will in the future. Having the Easy Translator app ensures you can regularly discuss giving those students the best possible experience without paying for a translator.

Likewise, you may wish to cosponsor and event or work on a joint initiative. Discussing the intricate details involved would be difficult if you always needed a translator in order to exchange emails.

2. Supporting Your Growing Use of Technology

Modern institutions of education can’t afford to ignore the opportunities offered by cutting-edge technology. It’s not just because this technology helps them better teach their students but also because these students are more tech-savvy than ever and expect their schools, colleges, and universities to keep pace.

Fortunately, the Xerox Easy Translator app isn’t limited to just a single access point. Its benefits would be greatly curtailed if students, faculty, and staff could only use the app with a single type of device.

Instead, Xerox designed Easy Translator so it would work with PCs, multifunction printers, and even mobile devices. That way, no matter what the setting, you can always translate the information you need.

3. Saving You Valuable Time

As every college Teacher’s Assistant can tell you, much of their time is spent on assisting other students. However, a large amount of their schedule is usually also spent on transcribing their professors’ notes, making copies, printing large documents, and all kinds of other administrative tasks.

While that’s part of the job, TAs who have to spend hours translating documents for their professors can now put that time toward more productive ends.

Unlike most translating apps on the market, Xerox Easy Translator app doesn’t require that you have the text in an editable document. You don’t have to type out every word in text into Microsoft Word and then upload that document into an app. You can literally just scan the physical pages as you would any other text you wanted a digital version of.

Obviously, this is good news for more than just TAs. Anyone at your school who currently depends on the laborious process of typing out documents before they can upload them to apps will have a lot of free time to look forward to.

4. Greater Savings

If your school is like most, its budget is always a concern. You’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to cut out unnecessary costs.

Although you have students or staff members who can help with much of the translation work required, you may also rely on outsourcing much of it.

Unfortunately, that can also be extremely expensive, especially if you have to pay a retainer fee to make sure your translator is always available.

Instead, you can simply use Xerox Easy Translator app, which will not only save your school money – meaning you can afford even more translations if necessary – but it will also allow you to have the work done right away, whenever you want, day or night.

Transform Your Education Institution with Xerox Easy Translator App

Could your school, college, or university benefit from the advantages listed above?

If so, we’d love to help you leverage them right away.

Contact us today to learn more about how Xerox Easy Translator app can transform your educational institution and the way you’re able to serve its students.

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