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Things That Your Copier Could be Doing to Make Your Law Office More Efficient

Posted by XMC Inc on Mar 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Every law office needs to leverage the latest available technologies to improve their daily routines and increase their staff’s efficiency. Compared to other industries, practicing law relies on generating documents and storing records that relate to a variety of subject matters accurately. Apart from just maintaining effective printing and copying operations, law offices also need to look towards adopting modern technologies to streamline their operations.

Modern multifunction devices continue to push the limits of what’s capable in the printing and document management spheres. In the legal profession, these features help reduce overheads, enable digital workflows, and provide additional productivity solutions to staff. Choosing the right copier for a law office shouldn’t just depend on the number of pages it can produce per minute. It should also consider the additional capabilities that newer devices bring to the practice.

Modern Printer and Copier Features that Improves the Efficiency of a Law Office

Since the days of clunky copy rooms situated in the basement of buildings, modern printers and copiers have come a long way. Just like the law is always evolving, technology also continues to disrupt legacy processes and provides companies with the ability to increase their efficiency and reduce waste in their offices. For law practices looking to adopt the latest technologies to improve their office workflows, it may be necessary to invest in a modern copier or printer.

Apart from just being an efficient copying or printing solution, today’s devices can integrate with existing information management systems. This enables the office to digitize documents quickly and easily. Devices also improve information security while costing less to operate. Modern multifunction printers can bring a range of benefits to a law office.

Digitizing Information on the Fly

Law offices need to manage a variety of documents and records, both in hardcopy and digital formats. Converting a scanned document into a digital, searchable copy usually relied on someone retyping the entire document and storing it in a database. Using the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies, law firms can now capture vital information directly from a scanned document.

OCR allows the firm to quickly store and index incoming documents without the need to retype or capture metadata for future retrieval. Using AI technology, OCR enables law firms to automatically classify, extract, and understand the information contained in their documents.

Bust Language Barriers with the Xerox Translation App

Technology breaks down geographical barriers, and more law firms can now provide services to international customers. When preparing a contract or agreement, ensuring that the document’s contents are legally sound in every language may rely on using an expert translator service.

The Xerox Translation App is included in their ConnectKey software. Companies can also opt to sign up for human-level translation services spanning more than 40 languages. For any firm that uses translation services regularly, using the Xerox ConnectKey software can reduce their reliance on third-party organizations. Although the service is only available on ConnectKey enabled devices, the firm can send the translated document to any multifunction printer once completed.

Some of the Xerox Translator App’s advantages for law offices include:

● Instantaneous machine language translations from scans, PC’s, and phones.

● Translation services are available in more than 40 different languages.

● Using the latest OCR technology to translate documents.

● For the highest level of accuracy, it also provides human-translated document services.

For law offices that regularly use a translation service, the Xerox Translation App is a game-changer. Using the service can ensure the firm gets accurate results without compromising on quality. As the solution integrates directly with the copier or printer, companies gain productivity benefits without needing additional technologies.

Additional Benefits Law Offices Gain from Modern Print Solutions

As the legal profession relies heavily on their printing and copying solutions, firms can gain additional benefits by investing in modern technologies. Using Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions can help firms reign in their printing costs by reducing wasteful practices. Law offices can also improve their information security and ensure their devices operate more reliably.

MPS solutions provide law firms with the latest technologies to streamline their daily workflows. For additional benefits, firms can opt to make use of a variety of solutions, including network services, equipment leasing, and cloud storage.

XMC Document Solutions for the Modern Law Office

Modern law offices need to ensure they provide a quality service to their customers. XMC can help firms establish robust and reliable document management and printing solutions. With almost thirty years of experience in the industry, XMC works with offices to find the best solution according to their unique needs.

XMC can provide a variety of managed services, equipment leasing solutions, and software that helps streamline their operational workflows. With Document Management Systems, advanced OCR software, and a dedicated team of professionals, XMC will work with law firms to find an optimal solution that suits their business requirements.

To find out more about the Xerox Translation App or to discuss how a copier in the law office can do more for your business, request an assessment from XMC today.

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