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Why Does Your Business Need a Postage Meter?

Posted by XMC Inc on Feb 18, 2020 9:16:51 AM

As a business grows, managing a mailroom becomes more and more complicated. With any luck, the company will experience an influx of mail and an increase in sales or clients. Of course, with more mail comes a greater hassle, more stress, and less time to get things done. When every second counts, successful businesses rely on postage meters to tackle some of the work for them.

The fact is that the old-fashioned “snail mail” really works. With direct mail responses being around 37% higher than email responses, it is a marketing option that no business can afford to overlook. Still, if a company depends on old-fashioned mail to get some of their business, they must have something in place to streamline the mailroom and defeat the hassle of the inbox and outbox.

What Is a Postage Meter?

A postage meter is a device that calculates the correct postage for every piece of mail in a business’s outbox. Depending on the type of postage meter, it can do a lot more, but at its basic level, a postage meter calculates the right amount of postage for letter-sized mail or a package. This feature ensures that a company never over-pays for postage by using extra stamps they do not need.

The Benefits of Postage Meters

Devices can be tricky to handle. As such, a growing business may think that they do not need to invest in a postage meter, but the truth is that a postage meter can easily pay for itself. Employing a postage meter offers a host of benefits.

1. Saves the Company Money

With a postage meter, a business will never have to worry about paying too much for postage again. The postage meter calculates the right amount to pay – no guessing involved, meaning that a company will never have to overestimate the amount of postage or waste any stamps.

Postage meters can download any postage cost updates instantaneously, thereby further proving that a company will spend less money and have a more accurate budget based on the record kept by their postage meter.

2. Eliminates Staff Stress

Stress can cause detrimental effects on the human body. A survey conducted by the American Institute of Stress indicates that 46% of employees experience stress mainly related to their workload. With the help of postage meters, staff in a company’s mailroom no longer have to worry about spending time on postage. Instead, they can focus their attention on more pressing matters – like ensuring that everything gets sent out on time and looking through the mail that has been returned successfully.

3. Gives a More Professional Appearance

Building the image of a business is incredibly important, whether that business is just starting out or has been up and running for a while. Having a sleek look to all outgoing mail increases a sense of professionalism and has a neatly-put-together feel to it. While some may believe that obtaining new devices to look more professional might be a bad idea, the other benefits that come along with postal meters make them well worthwhile.

Above all, the most valuable benefit of having a postage meter is the time that it saves the company. Without having to go through and manually calculate the postage of every parcel, employees can dedicate their time to other matters, thereby increasing their productivity.

How to Choose the Ideal Postage Meter

Depending on the size of the business, they might have to investigate different types of postage meters to see which kind suits their needs the best. For a small business that runs out of a home office, for example, the most basic and cost-effective postage meter might serve best. Smaller devices may need to be hand-fed, though – which is why a larger device may be necessary for mailrooms that have constant mail going in and out.

An authorized supplier can only sell postage meters due to them having a role in the federal mail system. One thing to keep in mind is that a company must have a permit in the same city the items are being mailed in for the mailing to succeed.

Investing in the Right Postage Meter

If a company is serious about investing in a postage meter and finding the one that is right for them, they have to look for only the best quality. FP postage meters come in an array of forms that take on many functions. This brand includes every size, from smaller postage meters for small business use to massive devices that can tackle any mail that comes a mailroom’s way.

XMC is an authorized FP postage meters dealer. We offer three of the best types of their postage meters, suitable for any size business that is interested:

PostBase Mini: a small device suited for small businesses with a touch screen that caters to the basics.

PostBase Integra: a cost-effective device that has wiggle room for a business that continues growing – including optional upgrades.

PostBase Pro: the best solution for high-volume mailrooms or large companies.

With the convenience of postage meters, businesses can spend less time sorting and searching through mail and more time getting the word out to potential clients and consumers.

To find out which FP postage meter is right for you, contact us and schedule a consultation.

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