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Auto Redaction ConnectKey App for Your Legal Office

Posted by XMC Inc on Jul 23, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Law firms take advantage of every useful tool they can get, and for good reason. If competition in business is fierce, in legal offices, it’s visceral. Xerox has developed powerful applications that can give these firms the edge they need to cut through the competition.

The Power of Xerox ConnectKey

ConnectKey is a robust series of software applications available on Xerox multifunction printers. These apps provide a wide range of uses for businesses of all industries.

Some of the most useful ConnectKey applications include app design, workflow automation, managed print services, and translation.

ConnectKey software apps also provide superior security features that help keep organizations and their data protected.

Certain apps have unique uses for specific organizations. The Auto Redaction app, for example, is perfectly suited for legal offices.

What Is Redaction and Why Is it Important?

Redaction refers to the practice of omitting sensitive information from documents. There are many reasons why it would be appropriate to perform a redaction on a document. One of the most commonly redacted details is anything that can be taken as personally identifiable information. Redacting this kind of information which can include legal names, addresses, and social security numbers and is critical in legal offices.

Leaving personally identifiable information intact can leave organizations liable for damages when client information is mishandled and potentially abused. Redacting documents is an essential way to protect both the organization and its clientele.

Legal firms handle this kind of information every day as massive quantities of sensitive information pass through their offices on a regular basis.

Why Auto Redaction for Legal Offices?

Law firms are in a unique position to benefit from document management app software like auto redaction. The auto redaction app makes it possible for users to redact documents at a much faster pace than they would be able to maintain manually.

Features of the Auto Redaction App and its Many Applications

The Auto Redaction app lets users create presets that outline what kind of information to redact. The criteria can be anything from personally identifiable information to specific words or phrases.

Once the preset has been entered, the software will redact the entire document, or series of documents automatically. Anyone who has worked in a legal office and is familiar with redacting documents will readily grasp the advantage of this incredible tool. Using ConnectKey’s Auto Redaction app means that personnel can save hours of precious time that would otherwise have been consumed I going over these documents by hand.

Once the redactions are complete, documents are ready to be emailed or printed directly. The incredible convenience and ease of operation make the Auto Redaction app a powerful streamlining tool that can improve workflow.

Automatic Redaction for Law Offices Reduces Human Error

One of the greatest advantages of auto redaction is that it eliminates the potential for human error. People who work in law firms are commonly overworked and overstressed leading them to commit expensive mistakes. One mistake in the redaction process could leave a snippet of information that should have been removed and can be disastrous for both firms and their clients.

An entire case can be lost when information is inadvertently leaked through improperly redacted documents.

Humans make mistakes, but the Xerox ConnectKey Auto Redaction app doesn’t. When it comes to legal matters, there’s no room for error which is why auto redaction isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

The final consideration is where to procure ConnectKey and the Auto Redaction app. Finding the right Xerox vendor can be a challenge. Businesses and law firms alike are lucky to have vendors like XMC to bring them top-of-the-line Xerox products at accessible prices that even smaller firms can comfortably afford.

Legal Offices Looking to Stay Ahead of the Competition Can Count on XME and the ConnectKey Auto Redaction App

Legal offices can’t afford to lose time, money, or energy on inefficient redaction practices. Manual redaction results in costly errors and can create workflow bottlenecks that cripple productivity. With the advantages of auto redaction for legal offices are irrefutable, deciding where to buy can be a difficult choice.

Partner up with a firm that can be trusted. Industry leaders like XMC take care of their customers by delivering superior service at an affordable price.

Have a chat with XMC and experience the advantages of Xerox ConnectKey apps like Auto Redaction first-hand.

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