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Document Management with Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Posted by XMC Inc on Aug 8, 2019 7:55:00 AM

When it comes to documents, accuracy matters. With so many critical business functions relying on documents, it is essential that they are accurately captured, collated, categorized, archived, and transmitted. Document management is, broadly speaking, dedicated to perfecting the accuracy and efficiency of each of these processes.

The modern business is awash in documents and data – a trend unlikely to change any time soon. To keep up with this, many businesses are turning to increasingly sophisticated tools to help them manage the myriad of document sources and file types which feed into their core. One such tool is the use of automation with artificial intelligence, succinctly illustrated by the new app making waves in the document solutions industry: AIDA.

AIDA App: Where Machine Learning and Document Automation Meet

AIDA is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation. It’s an innovative app from Technology & Cognition LAB S.r.l which is putting into the hands of business owners document automation driven by machine learning. AIDA works with Xerox ConnectKey technology to provide a mobile means by which users can digitalize, archive, and distribute once physical documents with a single click.

AIDA relies on a type of artificial intelligence known as machine learning. In machine learning, a computer uses algorithms to automatically learn and improve from a given set of data – becoming more accurate in predicting outcomes without additional guidance from humans. To illustrate that further: think of artificial intelligence as a computer’s ability to read a book. Machine learning, however, is the ability of the computer to learn new words based on their context in a paragraph.

Using machine learning, AIDA analyzes documents captured via mobile device for specific words, phrases, dates, or any other information that is relevant to the user. It then automatically sends this document to specific platforms or apps through ConnectKey integration. Ultimately, the goal of AIDA is to fully automate the first steps of the document lifecycle, eliminating the need for manual data entry once and for all.

Key Features

AIDA works with Xerox ConnectKey to fully integrate with the rest of an office document and print environment. Using its machine learning capabilities, users can teach AIDA the workflow which an office commonly uses for its document processes. Likewise, it leverages numerous other capabilities to deliver a powerful automated document capture tool. Key features include:

● A one-step enrollment and linking of a device with AIDA installed with a ConnectKey account to eliminate the need to log in every time.

● Unfettered access to linked ConnectKey devices no matter their physical location.

● The ability to choose what information is printed, linked and distributed.

● The creation of QR codes, stamps, barcodes or other links to better protect and more securely access information.

● Enhanced compatibility for database files including Excel sheets, and .CSV files. View, access, and display them correctly and securely.

● Language support in English and Italian.

● Integration with the full range of apps available in the ConnectKey App Gallery.

With more and more organizations conducting business on the go, AIDA is a powerful new addition to a document management strategy which increases the flexibility of users to respond to information as it is generated. Say goodbye to lost invoices and manual data entry. AIDA is revolutionizing automated document capture with artificial intelligence.

The Power of ConnectKey’s App Gallery

AIDA takes advantage of ConnectKey’s App Gallery, an exclusive set of productivity tools designed by Xerox and partners specifically for use on ConnectKey-enabled devices. Such apps are designed to make office workflow easier by introducing new ways to capture, manipulate, store, and transmit documents. Likewise, tools within the App Gallery take advantage of Xerox’s emphasis on device and workflow integration. With ConnectKey apps, an office can enjoy total connectivity to refine its workflow.

An Integrated Environment

However, where AIDA truly becomes powerful is in its ability to tap into the integrated work environment which ConnectKey seeks to create. In addition to exclusive tools, Xerox has partnered with other office technology creators to integrate document capabilities well beyond simply printing in the most efficient way possible. For example, with ConnectKey apps, users can:

● Transmit documents securely between QuickBooks Online and printers.

● Integrate with Microsoft OneDrive to store and access documents.

● Connect with CloudFax to digitally fax important information.

● Access Blackboard to securely share and download files.

By working with ConnectKey, AIDA can likewise leverage this same integration. In other words, it is now possible to capture an invoice on a smartphone and – through artificial intelligence – automatically send it directly to QuickBooks Online via ConnectKey.

Smart Document Management Starts Here

Document automation is the exciting next generation of document management. Through leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, staying on top of the mountain of documents generated by an average business is becoming easier. AIDA, a new app which works with Xerox ConnectKey, is a new tool for businesses to capture important documents on the go.

To get started with a free thirty-day trial [1] of AIDA in your office, contact a document solutions expert at XMC today.

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