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Nuance: A Company with Unique Products and Services

Posted by XMC Inc on Dec 9, 2019 8:00:00 AM
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Filing for the Future: Artificial Intelligence in Document Management

Posted by XMC Inc on Nov 4, 2019 7:30:00 AM
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Document Management with Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Posted by XMC Inc on Aug 8, 2019 7:55:00 AM

When it comes to documents, accuracy matters. With so many critical business functions relying on documents, it is essential that they are accurately captured, collated, categorized, archived, and transmitted. Document management is, broadly speaking, dedicated to perfecting the accuracy and efficiency of each of these processes.

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How Can Digital Rights Management Improve Your Data Protection?

Posted by XMC Inc on Jun 5, 2019 7:25:00 AM

As more and more businesses and products are developed that exist solely online, the concept of digital rights management is gaining importance. Digital technologies and creations may not be susceptible to physical theft, but they can still be stolen online with equally devastating consequences. At best, this may result in a company losing the competitive edge in an industry. At worst, such theft may lead to the exposure of sensitive data such as consumer information or trade secrets.

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Why Managed IT Services Are Cracking Down on Shadow IT

Posted by XMC Inc on May 27, 2019 7:52:00 AM

There’s a new storm brewing on the horizon of information technology: the rise of shadow IT facilitated by the cloud. Almost every company has it, and many IT departments are aware of that fact. However, it’s remained an obscure and somewhat mystifying concept. Relatively few professionals have understood the implications of the problem, let alone the magnitude of it. Until now.

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Managed IT Services Could be a Huge Time Saver for your IT Department

Posted by XMC Inc on Feb 25, 2019 8:00:00 AM

A lot of businesses incorrectly assume that there are only two choices when it comes to managing their IT needs: in-house IT services or managed IT services from a third-party. The truth is that both solutions can be combined to provide a comprehensive and complete IT security solution for businesses of all sizes. With managed IT services, businesses can get the support they need while still having the benefit and convenience of on-site, in-house IT staff.

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Security is Paramount in Managing Your Financial Documents

Posted by XMC Inc on Feb 11, 2019 7:08:00 AM

Like almost any industry today, the financial industry is affected by ever-changing technology, which provides great advantages but also new challenges. For example, it allows financial advisors to connect with customers in ways that would have never been possible before. Conversely, technology can introduce IT security issues or compliance concerns. Balancing this potential for using technology with the realities of cybersecurity can be a challenge.

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An Actionable Guide to Managed Services: What Makes MPS, MNS, & DMS Work for My Business?

Posted by XMC Inc on Jan 9, 2019 9:40:37 AM

If your office is like most, it’s responsible for greater and greater demands every year. Your company’s ability to continue growing largely depends on your office’s ability to keep up.

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Cut Through the Noise: How to Optimize Office Workflows with Managed Services

Posted by XMC Inc on Nov 28, 2018 2:20:26 PM

There are two kinds of offices in the world – frenzied, chaotic places and serene, productive work environments. One of the most important factors that determines which path an office goes down is efficiency.

Efficiency comes in many forms. An efficient office is a clean office, for example. Otherwise, employees would be unable to quickly find the tools and documents they need to complete tasks.

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What Are the Top Managed IT Trends for 2019?

Posted by XMC Inc on Nov 28, 2018 1:43:39 PM

Unlike the latest fashion trends, IT trends can have a huge impact and leave a lasting legacy on those who participate in them. This is because advances in IT infrastructure are beginning to converge along similar lines, creating compounding benefits to the organizations that adopt them.

For instance, managed IT trends are pointing towards greater flexibility and decentralization while offering a more integrated user experience. Organizations that invest in the appropriate infrastructure decisions now can reap the rewards of these decisions for years to come.

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